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Awesome Day Here at the Gym Yesterday

Hey everybody. Jedd here.

Hopefully some of you got the chance to catch our live UStream Feed yesterday from my Garage Gym here in PA. The gym’s been finished since April, but we haven’t been able to schedule anything where all the guys could make it down until now.

Smitty, Eli, Brad and Brian all made it down. Also Joe Hashey and his brother Pat came down.

We started our squats about 9:30. Even early in the morning it was already hot in the garage. Eli went through like a half dozen shirts I think. We squatted outside the cage with spotters. It was nice having people there to spot me. It gave me more confidence considering the back tweaks I have been having. I actually loaded the bar up to 315 to feel the weight again. We did an intermediate stance, not narrow high bars, but not wide sumo stance with the bar lower either. It was in the middle and felt pretty good.

Next thing we went into were shrug bar deadlifts. This was our heavy pull for the day because later on we did Double Overhand axle deadlift later on for a grip emphasis. Pat managed to get 365 to his knee on the axle. Pretty awesome. Joe and Pat could be really good at grip I think if they had the equipment and time to dedicate to getting good.

After some pull-ups, we tried some Inch Dumbbell Push Press. Eli got several singles, and I think a double once. Brad hit like 3 or 4 reps in a row, re-setting his grip in between reps.

We mixed in hub lifting and log pressing.

The fellas had to take off by noon. They car-pooled down and Smitty had to be back home by one.

Video 1

Video 2

But the day wasn’t over yet. I had a whole other workout ahead of me.

Brent Barbe, John Eaton and Frank Snyder all came down for a grip workout. I took a break and ate burgers and salad but then got into a full-blown 3-hr workout with these gripaholics starting around 2 PM.

We hit a ton of Grippers. CoC’s, Beef Builders, Tettings, etc. What was awesome was trying the new Fat Bastard Barbell Grippers with no knurling. Brent had a whole set of them. Frank and I closed the 4X FBBC gripper.

Frank is 18 years old and has a better crush than me. He closed a couple of 3.5’s I couldn’t manage to shut. He only lives about an hour away so we are going to try to line up some more training sessions.

We did some blob lifting, 5-tens, 2-inch vertical bar, 45-lb hub lifts, 3-25’s, and a ton of other stuff. My hands are fried. I hope these guys can make it up for another workout soon. I am stoked.

I got video of everything. I will go through it and post some of the stuff, hopefully this week if not this afternoon, since it is pouring out.

Unfortunately, we had trouble getting the UStream to work, but we eventually got it during the lower body workout. I hope that it didn’t turn too many of you away. About a half hour into getting it going, I checked the status on another laptop and we only had 3 viewers, which is pretty low compared to the 20+ viewers we’ve had in the past.

So I have some questions for you guys:

Anybody else ever try UStream?

Anyone else ever have any problems getting it to work?

Are you enjoying these streamed workouts?

Looking forward to your feedback, so please leave a comment.

All the best in your training,


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7 Responses to “Awesome Day Here at the Gym Yesterday”

  1. Joe Says:


    Thanks for having us down! You forgot to mention how awesome the BBQ was – crucial detail.

    Joe and Pat.

  2. Brad Says:

    Great time yesterday. Nothing beats having all of us together for a training session , even if its once a month.

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    very true.

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    I was happy to have you guys all down. The last time we trained together down here was way back when you were sick that one time Brad, with like strep throat. At least 3 years ago, I’d say. Let’s schedule another one sometime and get another great workout in.
    Thanks for coming down everyone and thanks for the props on the bbq, I will pass it on!

  5. Mathison Says:

    damn, wish i lived in PA

  6. Bill Long Says:

    Wish I lived closer. I was able to watch a few min. of the lower body work wasnt to bad the sound seems to be an issue but I don’t think there is anything you can do about the echoish sound in the garage to the computer. I enjoy watching it.

  7. Guy Jones Says:

    I wish my friends were more like you 🙁 lol.

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