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August is Classic Strongman Feats Month


I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time (since about March) and I am finally going to do it.

August is Classic Strongman Feats Month at Diesel Crew for the Diesel Grip Strength Challenge.

We will be having the first ever On-line Grip Strength Tournament. Here’s a video talking about the Tournament.

The way this will work is you all will submit videos as is regularly done and a bracket will be formed at random from the submissions.

The bracket will look just like any Tournament Bracket, like the NSCA for example.

Each week, the submissions will go into a hat and be pulled at random to fill the bracket and whoever out-duels the other person either wins, loses or there is a draw.

This will be a 5-week tournament, and each week will be a different feat of strength.

This week, for Week 1 in the Classic Strongman Feats Tournament is Reverse Style Bending.

You can have your choice of bending stock from the following selections:

  • 40D Nail
  • 60D Twisted Spike
  • 60D Non-Twisted Spike
  • Grade 5 Bolt
  • Grade 8 Bolt
  • 6″ X 5/16″ Hot Rolled Steel Bar
  • 6″ X 5/16″ Cold Rolled Steel Bar

All of these items can be readily obtained through places like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, etc. Also, I have a bunch of Grade 5’s and Grade 8’s that I will send people for $1.50 apiece plus shipping.

To allow as many people to enter this Tournament as possible, almost all types of wraps will be allowed, meaning any soft material, such as towels, rags, denim, cordura, IronMind Pads (IMP’s), suede, etc,, as long as they are no longer than 12″ in length and 4.5″ in width. (**If you are not sure if your wraps count, please send me an email).

If you are wondering What Is a Grade 5 or a Grade 8 Bolt, then check out this video on my YouTube Channel = > What are Graded Bolts.

Rules of the Bend

  • Must use Reverse Style / Terminator Technique
  • No part of the lower arms below the elbow can touch the body during the bend
  • The Bend must be completed within 30 seconds
  • After the 30 seconds is complete, the bar must be bent to at least 40 degrees
  • The bar has to be straight before bending. Once you attempt a bar, you can not attempt it again.

Feel free to attempt multiple bends throughout the week
. Just make sure to send me your best bending video by 8PM on Friday, August 5, 2011.

How to Measure Your Bend

My buddy, Mike Rinderle has put together this video for you on how to measure your bent bars.

How to Wrap and Bend Reverse Style

Here is a video that I did showing how the Bars should be wrapped and how Reverse style is done.

Video Identification Requirements

  • Title: Grip Strength Challenge – Classic Strongman Feat Week 1
  • Description: Grip Strength Strongman Feats
  • Tags: grade 5 bolt bend, reverse bending, strongman feats

Alrighty DIESELS – get your best bends done and get me the videos.


P.S. Need instructions on how to bend? Check out my Bending Resources below…

Nail Bending eBook = > How to Bend Nails

Nail Bending DVD
= > Nail Bending Explained

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8 Responses to “August is Classic Strongman Feats Month”

  1. Rick Walker Says:

    Good luck to the competitors this week! I am out, I dont bend as the last time I did I blew half my pec off and was out of lifting for a LONG time.

    Be safe-


  2. Mike Turpin Says:

    Rick, i might be with you. Paul said he hurt himself last time and we have usapl raw nationals aug 21st

  3. Jason Steeves Says:

    My first video is in gents 😀 Let the games begin!

  4. Josh McIntyre Says:

    I’m submitting a 10 minute video of me bending coat hangers.

  5. Jason Steeves Says:

    @Josh You never know who’ll you’ll be competing against. I think there’ll be a lot of 60d’s and just a handful of gr8 and better on this one.

  6. Ben Edwards Says:

    Will try to get a video in later today on this challenge. Should be a fun month of competition!

  7. David Wigren Says:

    my submission this week 🙂

  8. Ben Edwards Says:

    Here’s my submission:

    Best bend today was 5/16″x6″ HRS.

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