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Stone Lifting Testimonial

Stone Lifting is a part of many strongman contests.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you can get your ass handed to you and end up with serious injuries.

It was for this reason that Smitty and I set out to put together a resource that new strongman competitors could use to learn the proper techniques for lifting atlas stones.

The idea was to produce something that would give new competitors the information they needed to keep them safe and injury free in the beginning and then go on to dominate as time went on.

A while back, we received this testimonial / review about our Stone Lifting Fundamentals DVD from Rob Russell in Yorkshire. Check out what he had to say, below.


pressing a natural barn stone lifting fundamentals dvd

“My name is Rob Russell and I have been training for 20 years. I’m 34 and live in Yorkshire in the UK. I have represented Great Britain at under 20 and under 23 level in Shot Putt and Discus until I had a car crash in 1997. Since then I scaled down the Track and Field somewhat and now train at home in my ‘Hardcore Dungeon of Strength’ lifting fat bars, kettlebells, using iron woody bands, grippers, stones, sandbags and any other sh*t I can lay my hands on that’s heavy and nasty. I still compete in amateur athletics and over the last 3years I have competed in several Highland Games and have lifted the Dinnie Stones (unassisted) and Inver Stone and won The Atlas Stone comp hosted by Geoff Capes (first time ever on the stones, heaviest stone was 160kg) this year. My URL is Any way, enough harping on about that…

Here’s my testimonial…

I thought I knew all I needed to know about Stone Training until I watched Stone Lifting Fundamentals. WOW! This DVD has added some serious ‘Kick Ass’ moves into my already large ‘arsenal’ of ‘must do’ exercises that are gonna transform my posterior chain from a ‘Stronghold’ into one hell of a ‘Fortress’.

So thanks Jedd I couldn’t have dreamt up some of the movements in Stone Lifting Fundamentals if I tried.

Yours in strength,
Rob Russell

Rob, thanks for the kind words on our DVD. It’s good to hear that our Stone Lifting DVD has been so helpful.

Here’s a little background info on our Stone Lifting Fundamentals DVD that not a lot of people know…

  • It wasn’t just Smitty and I that worked on this DVD, we got a ton of help from one of our good friends – Rick Walker.
  • We shot the entire DVD in one day (5+ hours between breakfast and lunch) and we covered just about every single detail we could think of.
  • Smitty and I brain-stormed the flow of the DVD for hours on end and then Rick threw in many other points. Between the three of us, we had several years of experience training on atlas stones and about 10 total contests under our belts. So we knew what worked for us and what didn’t.
  • We designed the DVD to be useful for strength coaches as well, so they could use the cues we cover with their athletes. The DVD also has a host of stone lifting variations for excellent carryover to sporting movements.
  • It took me several weeks to compile all the footage and edit it down, all the while learning new software, so to receive this great review was something that really makes me feel good after we put so much hard work in it.

If you are interested in learning the basics of atlas stone training but have no coaches and no experienced athletes in your area, this is the DVD for you.

You can pick it up here = = > Stone Lifting Fundamentals DVD.

Thanks again for coming to our site, and all the best in your atlas stone training.

Your buddy,


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2 Responses to “Stone Lifting Testimonial”

  1. tnthudson Says:

    I’m going to pick this up soon, I hope. I want to get pretty proficient at nail bending and grip first (I’m reviewing the nailbending ebook you wrote and want to bend nails 1x/ week)…and I’ve been doing AMD, which has helped develop my back since you have so many freakin’ deadlifts in that program 🙂
    I have a 175-lb. Slater stone and my goal is to lift that sucker (which should be 10 lbs. more than my bodyweight by that time). Right now I can get if off the ground a few inches, but that’s it. I’m hoping when I get my grip stronger and get this DVD that I’ll be picking up the stone soon and maybe even shouldering it. Thanks for the great resources.

  2. Jedd Says:


    Sounds good my man. Let me tell you, once you get going with stone lifting, you are going to love it. It is very fun!


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