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Win a FREE DVD – Lunges of Death – Beat This Time


You Could Win a FREE DVD If You Can Beat This Time!

Rules for the Contest
movarrowTIME TO BEAT: 1:53  min:sec

1. Film yourself lunging with 50 lbs for 100 yards. You could hold 2 – 25lb dumbbells in your hand, or put a 50 lb sandbag on your shoulder, or a weighted back pack, it doesn’t matter.
2. Load video into Youtube with the title: Lunges of Death Contest Entry –
3. Email me at smitty [dot] diesel [at] with the video link
4. Lunges must be legitimate, judged by me.

Entries are put into drawing to win renowned 2-Disc Combat Core DVD set HERE:


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8 Responses to “Win a FREE DVD – Lunges of Death – Beat This Time”

  1. Guy Jones Says:

    Mate you must stop coming up with these challenges to my testosterone soaked ego. I am 41 now and I fully expect to die puking a lung doing dumb shit, like a 20 year old.
    I also like the way you video’d him so he couldn’t stop or back out….cruel.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Guy, I’m not that far behind you and I agree, it is brutal. But it makes you feel alive brother!

    Thanks for supporting us!

  3. Jeff Says:


    This looks simplistically brutal! I realize this is a contest, but how often would you include challenges like this? The Herculean effort shown in that video is something to marvel at, but as you fatigue, the lunge form definitely begins to deteriorate (at least compared to form that would be used on traditional sets; I was still very impressed that the quality was that good after such a distance).

    Just curious about how to use such things properly as a physical and mental challenge while not getting too carried away and putting too much stress on the wrong areas.

    e.g. not being the form police but not just blindly saying, “Bro, sometimes you just gotta say screw it and bust some ass!”

  4. Joe Says:

    Haha, nice, I’ll be giving it a try this Saturday! Jeff, Im sure Smitty will cover this, but we like to get a little crazy about 1-2 times a month.


  5. Jim Smith Says:

    I agree with Joe, it really depends on your training state. Has there been accumulation during the last several workouts? Then recovery and deloading is needed. But, if at the end of a workout you have some left, nothing charges up the group then a challenge.

    Pick and exercise(s) and go for it.

  6. Rhea Morales Says:

    When is the deadline for the challenge?

  7. Jim Smith Says:

    No deadline, go for it!

  8. Doug Fioranelli Says:

    Great Challenge
    My time was nowhere near his. Be forewarned you WILL be sore for days!

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