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Final Notice to Get Your Quickness On


Did everyone get a chance to check out the 5 FREE Speed and Quickness TV shows on the Truth About Quickness site?

I just got a note about the new quickness program I emailed you about two days ago.   Here is what Alex told me:

Dude, it’s the PAINFUL TRUTH!

There’s a very limited number of sets of the Truth About Quickness Insider’s System available…

…I’m unsure what the exact count is because I have given some early-bird sets out, but right now we have over 20x people on the Priority Notification list for the remaining sets.

So, although we know the Truth About Quickness Insider’s System will finally be out next week, it pretty much seems like it’s going to sell out pretty quickly, maybe even within minutes of its release.

The ONLY WAY you’re going to have a shot at getting your hands on a copy is getting on that Priority Notification list, because I am going to email everyone who gets on the list a FULL HOUR EARLY on the exact day The System is released.

So by going here:

Truth About Quickness TV IMMEDIATE Sign-Up

and signing up, you are guaranteed EARLY-BIRD NOTICE of when the Truth About Quickness Insider’s System is available (which might be important…since the amount of people on Priority Notification compared to the amount of sets printed is ENORMOUS).

Get signed up here, RIGHT NOW:

Truth About Quickness TV IMMEDIATE Sign-Up

I actually got a sneak peak at the whole system (don’t tell Alex) and stole the image for the complete system.  I don’t even know if anyone has this yet 🙂


Now, of course this is a blatant attempt to sell you something, but here is the cool thing!

If you purchase Alex and Kelly Baggett’s new speed and quickness system from my link above you get the following from me for FREE:

  1. Deadlift Fundamentals Manual 101
  2. Deadlift Fundamentals 101 Video
  3. Explosive Med Ball Training ebook
  4. Advanced Kettlebell Training I
  5. And you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of my best selling Combat Core Double DVD set!

All you have to do is purchase Alex’s product and forward me your Clickbank email receipt as your proof of purchase and I’ll send you your free stuff.  Don’t forget about your chance to win my renowned DVD set.

Click here to check out the new speed and quickness training system.

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  1. dan Says:

    how much is this set?

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