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Arm Yourself for the Cold with a DIESEL Beanie

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather…

With the recent cold snap, I sent out an email to my subscribers about training in the cold.

Of the dozens of people who have written me through email and Facebook regarding the cold, perhaps Guy Hall’s email said it best.

    Hey Jedd. When I was cold weather training with the Canadian Forces they had a saying,There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing and tools.” -Guy-

I couldn’t agree more brother!

You are never properly dressed without the right lid on your head.

And if you are hitting your workouts outside or in an unheated garage, and are wearing some silly trucker hat or baseball cap, it’s time for an upgrade – and I’ve got you covered.

Now in stock, new DIESEL CREW beanies


The price is $16 plus shipping and I’ve got about 10 in stock.

Orders in the United States:


For orders outside the US, please contact me through email, and I will get you an accurate quote.

All the best in your training. Stay WARM, DIESELS.


Get PUMPED UP For Your Next Workout

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