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And the AMD Content Winner is…


The winner of the contest is:   Caleb

I chose Caleb because he has a great responsibility and he recognizes that and he accepts that.  In life, there are no certainties except the fact that your determination and will toward a focused goal will always be made clearer when the important things are revealed.  Caleb email me at smitty (dot) diesel (at)

I am overwhelmed with the incredible responses guys, so I wanted to give each one special attention and let you know how much I appreciate all of your kind words.

Dude you are awesome!  I know how hard it is to juggle kids and work.  All of that plus dealing with diabetes, wow!

Your passion is incredible dude, I want to be your friend because I know you would always make me better and try harder!

There is no great feeling then helping others achieve their goals, I want that feeling everyday.

My boy!  This dude is doing big things and has always supported my products.  Keep hustlin’ man.

Family first man.  I would love to be in a position someday to really spend every day and every hour with my family.  Keep helping people and take care of your mom and dad!

Coach Mike:
I was a wrestler too, you probably know that after reading the AMD site (the smallest guy on the team!)  Keep inspiring man, you inspire me!

Your videos are amazing, I am going to feature them on Diesel soon.  It’s funny, if you train someone, sometimes you miss the transformation until you look at the before pics.  Then you really know that you’ve changed someone’s life.  Chase your dream bro.

You inspire me man.  Huge weight loss and working on getting freak strong, that is awesome!

Dude, you should be a poet!  Great post!  I got a few daughters and they are awesome.  You are a great role model for her!

Family and fitness go hand and hand.  The goal is to set them up to be strong and healthy throughout their life, that is a gift.  Great job!

“teach the world how to truly be healthy” – that is an amazing goal.  Sweetness baby!  I loved watching old clips of Peyton sprinting up hills, that is how you get powerful and strong.

Keep fighting man.  Every day is a struggle, but it will get better, trust me on that one.  I’ve never had it easy and had to fight for everything I’ve got.  Makes it an even better prize.

Thank you so much for your great support over the years.  That 5% will never have your heart and dedication bro.

As much as we inspire you, you inspire me!  Keep educating yourself!  The worst trainer is the one that thinks they know everything already.  I try to learn everyday and will never stop.

Simple and to the point, nothing else needs to be said.

Mike T.:
Awesome meeting you bro at the Ryan seminar.  Big things to come for you in the near future man.  Never stop being exactly who you are.

You have to always keep that excitement man.  Some days I even get down on myself for things, but the training session is ALWAYS something I can look forward to.

You are a true inspiration my friend.  Stronger than a lot of us, and you’re still hitting PR’s.  Thanks for the inspiration!

Cosgrove is hilarious!  Your trip to that seminar is only a small part of the journey of your discovery.  Keep moving ahead and never let a setback keep you from smashing every goal you set it front of you bro.

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4 Responses to “And the AMD Content Winner is…”

  1. Coach Mike Says:

    Thanks smitty for your consideration and your site! Congradulations Caleb!

  2. Pedro A. Morales Says:

    Thanks Smitty! Congratulations Caleb! Dude, I love AMD, it’s Massive, I think I added 16 lbs to my Hard Drive just downloading it lol!! Man I’m so excited to dig into it! Thanks again bro!


    Pedro A. Morales

  3. nestor ahumada Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post on my comment, i´m really inspired by your words, to me this is even better than winning the AMD package. Rest assured I will become a guru one day, just like you!

    Oh and a huge roar to the winner!
    Way to go CALEB, GOD bless you man!

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Nestor, you took the time to post and I wanted to make sure I let you know how much I appreciated it.

    But, I want to tell you that I’m no guru, just a guy that works hard and continues to try and help people. Be very wary of trainers who say that they are guru’s. The good one’s never do this.

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