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  1. Pedro A. Morales Says:

    I’m posting this to anyone sitting on the fence and debating if they really need another Muscle Building Program. 1st this isn’t just another Muscle Building program, it’s a lot more then that. It’s the perfect balance of Old School, and Modern Day Cutting Edge Ingenuity! Diesel Crew always put out Innovative Programs.

    The Rehab and Prehab parts of the program are worth the price alone of the whole program. I know some of the Young athletes might not appreciate it, but if you want a long athletic career your going to want to implement a lot of this stuff contained in ACS. I’m making the switchover from Bartender to Strength Coach, and I’m so grateful for this program, I’m so excited that I bought AMD!!!

    The Program is Massive, and I have a lot of Studying to do with it. I’m dying to start it myself, I have a few friends (really skinny dudes), that need to bulk up, without a doubt, I’m putting them on AMD!!! AMD is probably going to be the Mass Building Protocol, I’ll use with my Business when someone absolutely needs to Slap on Muscle, I doubt anything could compete with AMD, it’s an Outstanding Program. Don’t even get me started about Combat Core, which is updated and part of the program, You got:

    A) Rehab & Prehab
    B) Muscle Building
    C) The best Core Program
    D) The Best recovery program I’ve seen!

    Trust me Get this program, you wont regret it!!! There is so much more to say about it, you need to see if for youself trust me!


    Pedro A. Morales
    Certified Underground Strength Coach
    Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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