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AMD Muscle Building Week Continues


This just in from Pedro A. Morales

“Hey, Smitty, AMD Blew me away, I can’t believe how Massive it is! This is exactly what I needed to Study to take my game to the next Level, Thank you, Thank you bro! Totally blew away all expectations I had, awesome Program!!!”

From Jeff Moyer


I haven’t finished reading through all of the manuals but I must say that so far I love it!  I really enjoy reading the science behind everything.  I too am tired of programs that don’t explain anything and just give you exercises and there sets and reps.  I love the fact that you have separate manuals for restoration and nutrition because I see too many strength programs and people who know nothing about these key things to helping there athletes.  I tell my athletes all the time that you can lift all the weights you want but if you don’t take care of your body with proper nutrition and rest, you won’t tap your potential.

You did your homework!!!  Great job! ”

I just uploaded a new promo video for AMD, go to the page and scroll down!

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