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Advanced Torso Training Revealed!

Here is an exclusive look at one of the advanced torso training exercises found in the new Combat Core DVD.

Typical Abdominal Strength Training Means:

Hanging Leg Lifts

Issue: In sport and real life, movement is not restricted to patterns. When you develop athletes, if you restrict their training to only externally loaded patterned movements, you will be missing the point of preparation. We must bridge the gap from typical strength training to SPP and sport execution.

Just like Powerbombs, here is another Diesel original:

Chaotic Abdominal Strength Training Means:

Hanging Soccer Kicks


– Coordinated movements of the torso and trunk. Putting the lat (responsible for protecting and stabilizing the shoulders and spine) on tension while engaging movements of the trunk.

– Random movements

– Foot / Eye coordination

– Endurance of the upper back and grip musculature

– Fun


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4 Responses to “Advanced Torso Training Revealed!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Great job guys! Looks great.

  2. Frank Says:

    Very cool, got to try it!

  3. catdaddydog Says:

    great idea, but wouldn’t it be more effective if the ball was suspended in one of those nets that attach to the ankle by a tether? That way you wouldn’t have to have a partner get you the ball or waste so much time in retrieval yourself. Cheers.

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Sure, great modification!

    Thanks everyone for your feedback!

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