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Friends and Fellow Lifters,

I'm a Coach at heart.

As much as I love hitting the iron, the thing I love most about training is helping YOU get better.

When you succeed, I succeed.

When you grow, I grow.

Your PR's and victories make me smile from ear to ear.

But the TRUTH is I wish I could do more.

I've gotten so busy with my business, family and of course my own training and competition, that these days I feel like I'm failing you, and I want to do a better job.

Because your success is so important, I'm starting something new.

It's called Team Napalm, and it's your invitation to get on the phone with me, every single week, to make sure you are ALWAYS seeing progress in the gym.

Here's How You'll Take Your Training
To The Next Level

    1. Weekly 60-minute Coaching Calls where you can ask me any questions you need answers to on training, diet, and more. No more confusion. No more frustration. It's all ironed out for you, starting RIGHT NOW.

    2. Team Napalm Private Members Only Group where you can network with other lifters, just like you, share your successes, ask more questions, and push one another to the next level.

    3. Immediate Audio Download Access of each conference call. Take notes on your favorite topics, listen to your favorite call again, or hear them for the first time if life gets in the way.

    4. Email Access with Coach Napalm to keep you on track all week long and keep the energy high through every week of your training cycle.

    5. Instant Access to TheGripAuthority.com: My instructional site, where I house all of my best articles, videos, and interviews covering Grip Strength Instruction (this is only available to the first 5 members who join).

    6. Free Recording: We use a teleconferencing system that allows us to record each call, download it, and listen to it again whenever we want.

Each week, YOU and I and the rest of Team Napalm will get on the phone, to make sure you're headed in the right direction with your training.

Whatever questions you have, you can fire them at me and I'll be able to respond directly to you with the information you need.

No more waiting for me to finish up a workout...

No more having to wait until I can wrap up a meeting...

And no more waiting for a response until I get off a plane and get back home after a long drive...

Instead, we'll all be sitting right there on the line...TOGETHER...interacting with one another - the PERFECT TEAM ATMOSPHERE.

As I write this, I'm vibrating with anticipation to get this thing going.

I've received emails from lifters from 6 different countries, all of whom are ready to come aboard #TeamNapalm.

Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to work with EVERYONE who has contacted me, it would be impossible to give everyone the time they need...

...So this is open to just 5 new members, right now.


Don't be left off the team, all alone, out in the cold.

Make sure you join TODAY.

Click the button below and you'll be receiving an email from me, personally, welcoming you onto the Squad.


This is what you can expect once you become a member of Team Napalm:

1. Your Numbers Will Go Up. You No matter what kind of training you do, you'll see results you can be proud of, and you'll be posting PR's across the board.

2. You'll be more confident in the gym, feeding off new PR's and riding a wave of awesome momentum from workout to workout, knowing you're in good hands with Coach Napalm.

3. Other Lifters Will Be BLOWN AWAY by Your Progress. It never fails, someone is gonna ask you what the hell you've been up to, to become such an ABSOLUTE BEAST. (It's not unheard of, despite being a 100% lifetime drug-free lifter, to be accused of using steroids)



Can't wait to have you on board!

"Napalm" Jedd Johnson

How Team Napalm Differs from My Other One-on-One Coaching Options

#TeamNapalm is completely different and CHEAPER than the other Coaching Programs I offer:
  • 30-Minute One-on-One Coaching Calls ($67):
    These are intense 30-minute sessions devoted to question and answer. This is not usually enough time to design programming.

  • 60-Minute One-on-One Coaching Calls ($97):
    You get a price break here, we go over Q & A quickly, so we can map out a programming design as well.

  • On-going Virtual Coaching ($125):
    The primary goal here is continuous programming. We begin with a 60-minute call (included), come up with the program, and talk again every 2 weeks for 30 to 60 minutes, making program adjustments as needed.
Unfortunately, not everyone can make the financial commitment for these programs, so I wanted to do something that was more affordable, and could allow me to help more people - and #Team Napalm was born!

So, #Team Napalm is your most affordable option at just $27 per month.

Look at all you get with your #TeamNapalm membership:
    (1) 4 calls a month (weekly)

    (2) a recording of each call

    (3) email access with me, throughout the week

    (4) PLUS immediate access to the #TeamNapalm Facebook group to network and brainstorm with others.
As you can see, it's a great value.

Don't wait to invest in your training.

Stop spinning your wheels. Break out of your stagnant training today, and start seeing exciting progress in your training.



P.S. On Team Napalm, you can forget about the frustration of stagnant workouts, injuries, over-training, and the like. You'll be able to kiss all those frustrations goodbye, start conquering your workouts again, and jumping aboard the Gainz Train again.

P.P.S. You have my guarantee that by joining and applying what you learn, you'll add weight to your main lifts, develop more muscle, and shed more fat, along with feeling better every time you step foot in the gym.