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Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to?


That is the only thing that came to my mind when I read this shocking report! Every wonder if you are eating genetically altered produce? Never again!


“The next time you buy produce, look carefully at the label to find out some valuable information. The bar code on that sticker is for price identification. The labels on fruits and vegetables will also have a 4 or 5 digit code. If your produce has 4 digits, it means that it was “conventionally grown, but not organic”. If it has 5 digits, and begins with a 9, it means that the produce was organically grown. A 5 digit code that begins with an 8 indicates that the produce was genetically modified.

For example, if an apple has the code “6584”, the apple would have been grown from unaltered seed with the possible use of fertilizers and pesticides. Another apple with a code reading “96584” would have been grown organically. An apple with “86584” would be genetically altered.”

Read the full article here

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  1. Chris Smith Says:

    I’m going to go look at all the fruit in my kitchen now. Great find Jim.

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