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Quick Kettlebell / Bodyweight Workout – Part II

Benefits of Bodyweight Movements:

More efficient movements, greater stability (in frontal, sagittal and transverse planes), laying the foundation for externally loaded movements, portable, more fluidity, large variety, improved mobility and much more.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training:

Great variety of large ROM movements, portable, increased dynamic support grip strength endurance, odd-object adaptations, development of torso rigidity and hip explosiveness and much more.

When you combine these two training protocols, you get a great workout, requiring minimal equipment, that can be done quickly with a lot of different combinations.



– Dynamic Warm-up- 3 minutes

– Foam Roller – 3 minutes

– Light Worksets 3 minutes


1A) KB Clean & Press, 3×8

1B) Pull-ups (various hand holds), 3×10

2A) KB Swings, 2×20

2B) Two Legged Bounds, 2×10

3A) Pike Up Military Press (feet on bench, hips piked up, perform military press), 3×8

3B) Alternating KB Rows, 3×8

4) Push-ups – AMAP (As Many As Possible)


– Static Stretches

– Lots of Water

– Protein, Waxy Maize, Creatine Shake

Post your times for the workout!

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