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3 Quick Fixes for Your Squat

Nick McKinless

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Tip #1 – Falling Forward in the Hole

– Keep elbows facing down

– Chest up, head up

– Keep weight on heels

– Force abdominals out, create intra-abdominal pressure with breathing

– Incorporate Anderson (bottoms-up) squats at various pin levels

– Incorporate RDL’s, back extensions, bent over rows, good mornings and pullthroughs

Tip #2 – Not Going Deep Enough

– Work on hip mobility

– Stretch and activate glutes / rectus femoris / psoas

– Work on ankle mobility

– Widen stance slightly, toes turned out, knees tracking over toes

– Incorporate more full range, single leg movements

– Just go lower!

Tip #3 – Upper Back Rounding / Shoulders & Elbows Hurting

– work on thoracic mobility

– develop upper back musculature

– technique, technique, technique

– improve scapular mobility and strength of serratus anterior

– utilize specialty barbells until improvement is seen from corrective exercises

– incorporate more rowing and external rotation movements

– check mobility of opposite hip and ankle


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