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2 Insanely Effective Mobility Exercises for the Lower Body

2 Insanely Effective Mobility Exercises for the Lower Body

Here are two exercises I just filmed on my alternative YouTube channel (Muscle VIP).    Both are highly effective for increasing the mobility of the hips, dynamically stretching the hamstrings and warming-up the entire body for a training session.

Spiderman Crawls (with Rotation)

Coaching Cues:

  • Stay low to the ground
  • Keep a neutral torso and head position
  • Try and lay forearm to ground on initial movement
  • Rotate toward the forward leg
  • Watch hand during rotation

Squat to Stand

Coaching Cues:

  • Grab under foot and hold throughout
  • Drive hips upward straightening knees, dropping the head (dynamic stretching of hamstrings)
  • Swing hips through while pushing chest through and upward
  • Head should be in neutral
  • Drive knees outward with elbows



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7 Responses to “2 Insanely Effective Mobility Exercises for the Lower Body”

  1. Chris Cannon Says:

    Nice demonstrations on those two exercises.

    I absolutely love spider crawls, and you can never go wrong with any type of squats!


  2. John Says:

    Great stuff here Smitty! I think these are MUST have mobility exercises in everyone’s dynamic warm up!

  3. Dale R Says:

    I just tried those squats, boy with my hands on my feet I can’t straighten my lets fully :(. Guess I will need to add those in the routine.

    Thanks for the great info.

  4. vicente Says:

    Great moves for a low back pain prevention routine!!
    (I remember I owe you something 😉

    Many thanks for sharing!!
    Best regards,


  5. Vivian Says:

    These are great, you rock Smitty! I’m learning so many great warmups that my body really needs. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Doyle Says:

    Great info. With Ur help I will lose 10lbs and get fit in 2011.
    U guys work way too hard. The warm ups alone wipe me out.

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